Thursday, March 25, 2010

Did you know...?

Have you ever wondered why a salad costs so much more than a Big Mac (or any other hamburger for that matter)? Chef Verrigni at Monday's meeting presented an illustration as to why and it was eye opening.

Here is what Chef showed us:

After slogging through searches and the dozens of other blogs, I have found some very interesting facts, figures and articles that back up this sobering pyramid. However much of what I found on the farm subsidy information is slightly aged, the youngest article being from 2008, which is when the latest U.S. Farm Bill was passed and will not be up for review and revision until 2013 or so.

See for yourself, here is some of the information I found:
(All websites will open in a new window.)

This site is a great summary of all the current legislation:

And for those of you who speak legal-ese the current Farm Bill in it's entirity here:

Hope that this has enlightened you as much as it has me! 

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